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when ur thirsty for fic but you have quite fucking literally read every single quality fanfiction for the pairing

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Drove home for Easter as Flower the skunk from Bambi :D Kinda felt like I looked like a bartender, but oh well /shrug

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"Just say ‘have mercy’ and kiss me."

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Boyfriend and I are talking about who we’d be in the Marvel comics universe, our relationship aside (because we are Tony and Pepper, no question)

and he’s like “I wanna be Iceman, but I wanna be Iron Man… Iron Man has moneys, but… cryomancyyyyyy”

me: “so you basically wanna be elsa.”

boyfriend: “nahh, don’t get me wrong, idina menzel is the queen of broadway, but I’d rather have james earl jones or morgan freeman’s voice behind my character”

me: “… so basically you wanna be frozone.”

boyfriend: “yeah, but without the spangly outfit”

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Black Widow Hunt

It’s me Bucky… It’s James.
Who the hell is Bucky?

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Computer trouble again this week, but here’s last week’s go at Peach, from Finding Nemo. Drove to competition all dolled up as her :)

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Punk kids from the Winter Soldier block.

Individually: Steve | Bucky | Nat | Sam

Prints: Steve | Bucky

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It’s acceptance day! And we currently have no apps, you should change that. I mean, who doesn’t love Disney… Or superpowers? So why wouldn’t you love Disney WITH superpowers? So come send questions or an app!


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